Four Videos Introducing Internal Development

CMED Training – Universal Pre-requisites for Lasting Human Happiness

In the past, human happiness has been defined in external terms like security, success, entertainment, approval and belonging.

The problem is that pleasantness and comfort are provided by external gratification, but satisfaction, meaning, and lasting happiness require the training in internal development that CMED provides.

This video introduces the objective and universal step-by-step process necessary to master the internal development required to create a lifetime of happiness for ourselves, intimacy in long-term romantic relationships, meaning in our professional lives, and to become competent parents and satisfying friends.

CMED Training for Individuals & Couples

Never in human history have we had an objective understanding, or clearly defined step-by-step path to creating lasting happiness for ourselves, sustained intimacy and emotional bonding in long-term romantic relationships, meaningful work, or known how to be competent parents on both the internal and external dimensions of life.

Everyone is hungry for happiness, emotional bonds, meaningful work, and to be internally competent parents, but without training in the objective universal prerequisites, it is obvious very few people are successful in mastering developmental tasks.

CMED offers the training people have always needed and wanted, but simply was not available.  This video offers an introduction to acquiring the objective information and specific skills and awareness everyone needs to feed their deepest human hungers.

CMED Workshop #1: Think for Understanding

This video introduces the first of five workshops designed to open the door to mental and emotional—or internal development.

While ‘external’ security, pleasure and material sufficiency are prerequisites for a comfortable and pleasant life—’internal’ development is necessary to create lasting happiness for ourselves, romantic intimacy and genuine emotional bonds with a mate, a satisfying and meaningful work life, and to become a competent parent.

All long-term and meaningful personal growth begins with mastering the skills and awareness necessary to think for understanding.

CMED Training for Therapists

Psychotherapists are considered experts in the field of helping people achieve internal fulfillment and lasting happiness, but in fact are trained only in how to define and control ‘negative’ experiences like anxiety, depression, conflict and inadequacies in fulfilling adult responsibilities.

CMED training provides an objective and universal path to mastering life’s ‘positives’ beginning with thinking for understanding, and including feeding internal needs, fulfilling internal potentials, and completing developmental tasks that are all necessary to create the lasting happiness that people are looking for, and indeed expect from the experts