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People have always known that external happiness is easy to define. We learn to provide food, clothing, shelter, security & entertainment, and acquire a successful career, mate and children; and voila, happiness!  This is the full-scale American dream.

The only problem is that mastering internal  needs and potentials is also necessary before our lives can be complete. Since internal needs & potentials are invisible and intangible—we need detailed training in how to first define, and then master them.

My books, classes, workshops, and individual sessions provide the awareness and skills necessary to master internal needs and potentials—and integrate love, truth, beauty & wisdom into daily life.

CMED Workshops

Mastering Mindfulness:
The Foundation for Individual Happiness
Romantic Intimacy & Meaningful Work

True mindfulness is the cornerstone necessary to create the internal (mental & emotional) development required to build lasting happiness.

In this workshop, you will learn how to first quiet your mind—and then observe, listen, gather information, use reason and experiment—so you bring a relaxed, focused, and organized mind to the experience of everyday life.

You will also learn how to define, feed, and fulfill the internal needs and potentials necessary for the self-worth, emotional safety, and conscious purposes that lay the foundation for creating individual happiness, romantic intimacy, and meaningful work.

Essential Goals for CMED Workshops

  1. Become consciously sensitive to the fact that you really are alive and death is certain, so you observe that it is essential to create life-affirming priorities and purposes.
  2. Respond to these basic facts by becoming curious and wanting to understand, not control, life’s many mysteries.
  3. Integrate the experiential definitions that identify the objective and universal elements of love, purpose, meaning, truth, beauty and wisdom, as well as all your critical internal needs and potentials.
  4. Learn the process necessary to apply all the definitions to create individual happiness, romantic intimacy, and meaningful work.

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Applying CMED Training

Individuals & Couples:  The key to individual fulfillment is growing in competence to understand and nurture ourselves and other people.  For couples, the issue is how to grow internally, give energy and attention, and share reality, purposes, primal experience, and quintessential moments.

With CMED training, people become competent to offer satisfying personal conversations, learn to create life-affirming conscious purposes, and can structure a day or a lifetime so they are vibrantly alive and permanently memorable—not just momentarily pleasurable.

Parents & Teachers:  Educating children is now largely limited to teaching right from wrong, to obey authority, to learn how to read, write and do arithmetic, and if lucky, learn to appreciate the arts. There is however, no education for internal development.

CMED offers parents and teachers the information they need to teach children how to develop self-worth, emotional safety, and self-awareness—as well as how to explore any topic, discover what is true, and then provide what is needed.

In the process, parents and teachers learn how to educate children in the layers of developmental tasks necessary to master internal needs and potentials.

Mental Health Professionals:  Traditional psychotherapy does not even pretend to understand, or teach us how to complete our developmental tasks, or master our internal needs and potentials.

While psychotherapy can help us feel better, it does not provide the objective internal competence we need. With CMED training, therapists acquire all the critical skills and awareness necessary to offer real healing and measurable internal growth.

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Books by Dr. Hatherley

Book Cover Int Dev2

The Internal Development Necessary to Become Loving and Wise

Each book presents a different perspective on the complex task of internal development.

The Internal Development Necessary to Become Loving & Wise is basic and essential because it clearly defines internal needs and potentials, how to use mental tools to think for understanding, and how to grow, give and share to build emotional bonds. Click here to read the the Foreword

Expressing Love—Pursuing Truth—Experiencing Beauty

The Expressing Love – Pursuing Truth – Experiencing Beauty book provides critical experiential definitions for love, truth, beauty and wisdom necessary to understand, integrate, and apply all four toward building a conscious internal life. Click here to read the Foreword

Developmental Tasks For Children,
Adolescents & Adults

Understanding developmental tasks is critical information for parents, teachers, psychotherapists, couples and any individual who wants to fulfill his internal potentials and create lasting happiness.

In this book, you will discover each step in a lifetime process of mental and emotional development beginning with the childhood need for emotional safety, self-worth, and an accurate self-awareness and continuing decade by decade for seventy years.

Never before have the uniquely human developmental tasks been defined in clear experiential detail so anyone with a desire to learn can fulfill himself, provide intimacy and emotional bonds in every significant relationship, and create a profound degree of professional satisfaction and permanent meaning.  Click here to read the the Foreword


Book Cover--Timeless Lessons

Timeless Lessons of a Well-lived & Loved Ordinary Life

This is more the story of an extraordinary life purpose and its consequences, than a history of a particular person’s life. As such, it provides critical insight and information for anyone who wants to create a conscious, dynamic, and creative internal life that will lead to an inevitable experience of genuine satisfaction, permanent meaning and lasting happiness.

The estimated date of completion and availability of this book is December 2015. For the moment please feel free to read the Foreword and first two chapters by clicking the link below. Click here to read the Foreword

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