Mental & Emotional Development:
A Permanent Cure for the Neurotic
Sources of Human Unhappiness


CMED training begins with the most basic and universal internal need to be Seen, Understood, and Valued—first by our parents, then by ourselves, and finally, in an equal and reciprocal relationship with a romantic partner.

Building on this basic need, we learn about the entire internal dimension of human life—which includes conscious choices & purposes, as well as internal needs and potentials.

Normal life and education teach us to value the external goals of success, security, & approval. We are not taught about internal needs like self-worth, emotional warmth, personal conversation, or how to select a significant topic and explore it to the point of understanding.

When we make a conscious choice to treat life as an experience to learn about, live, and love, rather than an object to control & manipulate, we create a burning desire to define and master our internal and external, needs and potentials.

The first purpose in our education is to create fulfillment for ourselves, intimacy and warmth in close relationships, and meaningful work.  The second purpose is to master the activities of expressing love, pursuing truth, experiencing beauty, and developing wisdom.

Internal development is required for everyone’s personal well-being and lasting happiness.  It is also necessary for the evolution and survival of our species. Life-affirming purposes create noble goals that enhance and fulfill our lives.

CMED Training

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions provide personal training perfectly tailored for each person’s unique needs and circumstances.  To schedule an office or phone appointment, please contact me at the email address or phone number below.

Ongoing Workshops

Workshops offer a group experience with time to absorb more information, and an opportunity to share learning and life with other people.

Books & Videos

Books, videos, and workshop schedules are found on this website. The books, videos, workshops and individual sessions provide the critical tools necessary to understand and master both internal and external needs and potentials.

CMED training provides the education everyone needs—but in normal life, no one receives.

For More Information: 

Email: drpaulh@paulhatherley.com
Phone: 619-588-9166

Who Can Benefit From CMED Education?

Individuals & Couples:  In normal life, we are not taught how to fulfill ourselves.  Instead, we choose a mate hoping he/she will compensate for our inability to make ourselves happy.

With CMED training, we first master our own needs and potentials—then we learn to give energy, interest, and attention with the conscious purpose of first understanding, and then nurturing our mate.

Next, we adopt a purpose to grow in understanding life, mate, and ourselves. Finally, we learn to share reality, personal conversation, conscious touch, and quintessential moments.

Parents & Teachers:  Educating children is often limited to teaching right from wrong, to obey authority, to learn how to read, write and do arithmetic, and if lucky, appreciate the arts. There is no education for internal development.

CMED offers parents and teachers the information they need to help children develop self-worth, emotional safety, and self-awareness—as well as learn how to explore any topic, discover what is true, and provide what is needed.

Thru this process, parents and teachers teach children the layers of developmental tasks necessary to master internal needs and potentials.

Mental Health Professionals:  Modern psychotherapy does not even pretend to teach us how to complete our developmental tasks, or master our internal needs and potentials.

While psychotherapy can help us feel better, it does not provide the objective internal competence we need.  With CMED training, therapists acquire the skills and awareness necessary to provide measurable internal growth.